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                Twentieth Century Club Paint Out            June 2008

    In the heart of Buffalo, hidden behind a unassuming brick wall lies a secluded courtyard garden .  Visitors are astonished to find such an oasis of greenery tucked  behind the Twentieth Century Club mansion, for once inside, the surrounding city sounds almost vanish from consciousness.. The graceful arched loggia along back side of the building spills out onto a stone terrace. The mood is at once tranquil and alive, packed with natural fauna, a gigantic water fountain, chirping birds, and colorful flowers. The old  mansion wears its age well. It speaks of yesterday, but carries an air of promise for  tomorrow.

    Ten painters converged in this lavishly landscaped yard, to meet the challenge of creating art while working on the spot. Sunlight streaming through a leafy tee canopy created dappled shadows whose gentle movement seemed to imitate a slow rhythmic dance.

   We enjoyed a scrumptious, casually elegant lunch fit for any gourmet taste —(the chocolate ganache mousse was to die for!) We were surrounded by history, but our conversation, very much rooted in today’s culture, centered on the Internet, its implications in the art world, and such trendy innovations as blogging, and Internet publishing.