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                           Spraguebrook Park Paint Out      July 2008

   As we sped along country roads on our way to Spraguebrook Park, gloomy gray clouds hung overhead. Foolishly we hoped the weather forecast was wrong, and we would be spared the predicted rain, but just as we arrived huge raindrops cascaded down like a waterfall, drenching everything in minutes.

   We tried to tell ourselves that painting in the rain is fun! ––at least as much fun as singing in the rain, right? Staunchly we set up our easels under a picnic shelter, prepared to make the best of it.

   Sudden thunder showers, have been frequent this summer, but today the rain stubbornly stayed with us all morning.  A gray day such as this is a perfect opportunity to study muted greens, cool neutrals, and wet, drippy atmosphere.

  Actually, some very lovely paintings emerged from the mornings work session. Who needs the sun, after all?