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As an NFPAP member you may:

   Participate in regularly scheduled

   paint outs

   Receive e-newsletters

   Have a presence on the NFPAP web


    Participate in NFPAP exhibitions

To become a member you will need to:

 Fill out the registration form

  Have an e-mail address (mandatory)

  Be committed to active plein air painting

  Participate in the group by volunteering time

  for planning

  Pay annual dues of $10.00 per year.

          Membership Registration



City/State/Zip _____________Contact/Phone_________________


Please indicate your plein air (outdoor painting/drawing) experience level:

    Inexperienced, but committed to learn            ____     

    Casual, paint out occasionally                          ____    

    Experienced                                                  ____                  

    Professional, show and sell regularly                ____

Do you belong to any local art organizations?Please list__________________________________


Make your $10.00 registration check payable to :

“NFPAP”  Mail Application to:

Please request a registration form at info@niagarafrontierpap.com. A copy of this registration form will be emailed back to you with information on where you can mail a printed copy along with your membership check.

By signing this registration form, you agree to the terms and conditions as set forth by the Niagara Frontier Plein air Painters, and you will assume all responsibilities and risks while participating in scheduled NFPAP paint outs and events.