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   The NFPAP gathers  together at predetermined locations throughout the Buffalo Niagara region for the purpose of painting together. These gatherings, called "paint outs", are a melting pot of artists and their varied approaches to drawing and painting. By painting as a group, we  inadvertently create a socially stimulating, informal learning experience, which fosters creativity and new friendships.

    Paint Out at Knox Farm,  East Aurora.    


    The members determine the paint out schedule, which varies from week to week. With a wide  variety of days and times, we try to accommodate vastly different schedules of individual members.

    Individual members are responsible for hosting paint outs at specific locations and times of their choice. Those interested in painting at a particular site on a particular day, register with the host.

“Sunny Day Erie Shore”  by Ann Stievater

    The term “painting” is used very loosely here. Artists use a variety of media including pastel, pen & ink, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, etc.

    The Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters holds to the national definition of plein air painting which stipulates that a  plein air painting or drawing must be  completed 85% on location. It can take one hour or ten hours; length of time is not important.