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Our Inspirations

     As plein air artists, we draw on these resources as a source of inspiration for creating a personal voice through art. Study of the area reveals several "themes" which, when taken together, tell the story of this beautiful, troubled region. Its legacy is one of spectacular growth, decline and rebirth; a story filled with  rich industrial heritage, bountiful agricultural traditions, and historically significant  landscapes from which we can draw inspiration.

     The Buffalo Niagara region, is the backdrop from which we draw our inspiration. From quaint Wilson Harbor on the shore of Lake Ontario, through urban neighborhoods of Buffalo, to the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora; it’s all there for us to explore.

   Perfectly situated next to the  Niagara River and Great Lakes, the Buffalo Niagara Region is emerging as a powerfully inspirational place for artists of every description. Awash with historic districts, quaint boat harbors, dramatic industrial landscapes, bountiful farmland, and untouched  villages, it is an area worthy of study and exploration; consider it, if you will, an outdoor museum of sorts, full of intriguing artifacts and natural phenomena.  It speaks to artists through its diversity of unique histories and intriguing contemporary land- landscapes.

Historic Pearl

Street, Buffalo

Grain Elevator