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                  Coomer  Road Barns   Paint Out        June 2008


    Nestled beneath one hundred year old trees, the  owner’s 1840 cobblestone house in northern Niagara County speaks of an earlier era. Magnificent turn of the century barns greeted us as we pulled into the long shaded driveway. We felt the years melt away –almost as if we were in a time warp! Lovely gardens over flowed with edible flowers (did you know violets taste sweet?)  and tangy herbs grew everywhere.

     After painting all morning in the unusually hot June sun, the breezy wrap around veranda offered a cool retreat for us to relax and enjoy good conversation and cold iced tea.

     The nearby ancient barns have a comforting presence  which seemed to say “Yes we are old and worn. We have witnessed many generations grow and sustain themselves on this land.”  One could almost visualize chickens pecking

in the yard.