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          Burchfield Art and Nature Center  Paint Out       June 2008

  Buffalo Creek gracefully meanders along the northern boundary of the Burchfield  Art and Nature Center acreage.  A narrow foot path which follows the creek at waters edge, makes it easy to get up close.

 Unpredictable storm/sun weather patterns, which have dominated our spring this year, were in full play on this June morning. Early morning bright sun gave way to heavy clouds which hung around most of the morning, gathering strength for the deluge that was to engulf us, drenching everything as we scrambled furiously to pack up our gear.

  The sudden downpour could not, however, dampen our spirits. We enjoyed a little “tail gate” show and tell; and by the time we finished, the sun burst forth, working its magic. A picnic-in-the-park lunch was a fitting finale for an adventurous morning.