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                        Buffalo Garden Walk Paint Out                                   July 2008

    A dazzling blue sky beckoned us towards the West Side neighborhood of Richmond and North Summer Street. Small “working man’s” cottages which have been lovingly restored over the years, line  North Summer giving it a colorful, charming storybook quality. Flowers are everywhere; they fill entire front yards, spill onto sidewalks, and drape from window boxes.

    Directly behind these cottages looms the controversial White Brothers Boarding Stables, an imposing nineteenth century brick building far past its prime. Saved from the wrecking ball by an enterprising developer, the building is being restored to house upscale condominiums.

    Emma, a neighborhood fourth grader who has a penchant for painting , brought out her watercolors and joined our painting group. Soon, other neighbors offered us coffee, conversation, back yard tours, and a chance to sell our paintings! We came away with the distinct feeling that the folks who live on this street, not only know one another, but lookout for one another, and even, on occasion,  gather together for impromptu  meals. This is a community neighborhood in the truest sense.